Friday, February 5, 2010


Wishing is a really hard thing to do.. I wish that i was different. I wish that my life had turned out different... I just feel that the choices i made were the wrong ones. I need a different perceptive on my life. I want to be seen as someone different. Being different may not be a good thing but it may not be a bad thing either. I just noticed that people act different around me and i don't understand it i am not different i am just like everyone else.

I dont want to be treated different because of how i look or anything. i should be treated equal. not being treated the same as everyone else is a horrible feeling. i have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that i will never find that special someone or be happy as everyone else is who has someone one. i have never felt this way till very recently. i mean i have loved in the past but nothing permanent or i wouldn't be writing this.

being lied to being told your ugly and that your a regret, really sucks. i dont know what to do anymore i cant just wait around forever why wont that special someone see me for me and love me fore me .. i just want to be with someone who will hold me and be there for me and i hate being alone.

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