Saturday, January 23, 2010

MY Life in a nut shell

Today , i decided to start a blog. i have so much running through my head. school, family, homework, my friends, leaving neci. I just dont know what to do everything i think i do right is always wrong. i dont know where to begin .

maybe i will begin with my school . i love being here i have a great group of friends close ones here. i love them and i am going to be wicked sad when we have to leave. i have decided to go back home for my internship because i have a support group there and i can save tons of money. i can see my niece and nephews grow up cause they are so cute and mean the world the to me.

one thing that has been on my mind is love. I have had my ups and downs with it more downs then ups and i feel trapped. one thing goes right one thing goes bad. it sucks so bad. when you think that u and someone else is on the right path and then tell u that they never liked u or anything that hurts so bad you poured ur heart out to them and they push u down. it sucks. i hate being like this. what sucks the most is that u cant let go but you know u have to . you cant say goodbye but you have to. i just recently found out that someone in the past liked me but now because of the situations we are in we can never be together its hard when u find stuff like that out.

I began to read the book the DEAR JOHN by nicholas sparks. wonderful first chapter. I cant wait to see the movie. i hate when i am not taken seriously.

ever feel like you wish you were someone in a book i feel that way right now. if i could only be Savannah in the book. i wish that people would like at me for me and not anything else. if they looked beyond the outside they would relize that i am a very caring awesome person. but people on see what they want to see and i hate that so much.

seeing happy couples makes me sad because it reflects what i once had and what i don't have anymore and it sucks. i just wish my life could have been different but i have to play the cards i was dealt.

"what would you do with a letter that changed everything" - to answer that quote its quite complicated i would do what was best for me and the person who wrote that letter. one thing i can say i wish technology wasn't what it is right now because the world would be totally different. we would have less deaths because more people die every day because of most deaths are now caused by texting and driving. how typical of americans.

well for now im gonna go finish so homework. I will write tommorrow. I needed to get some things off my chest and thats not all. Please comment ask questions anything please. Thanks <3>

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  1. I am inspired that u started a blog, and i hope you do continue explore yourself, and when u look back, u will be amanzed seeing how much u had changed in the past year or so.. and one day when u aren't looking a HOT man will sweep your feet 27 now,I was single for a long time.. i don't want to speak too soon, but i think i finally found the one.. the day will come.. <3<3<3<3